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Software Engineering


Software Engineering at Durham University (SE@Durham)

Welcome to the Software Engineering (SE) research team at AIHS at Durham. Our leading-edge research in SE focuses on SE for AI-based systems, Self-adaptive and Autonomous systems, decision-making under uncertainty, model-driven engineering (MDE), requirements engineering (RE) and Evidence-Based Software Engineering.

Research Projects
Active Projects:
– EPSRC Twenty20Insight (2020-2024) (EPSRC link). People: Dr Nelly Bencomo (PI), Dr Huma Samin (PDRA), Prof Alistair Sutclif (PDRA), Prof Pete Sawyer (Co-PI Aston University)
ERiMA: Envisioning Risk Models for Assessment of AI-based applications (June- Sept 2022). People: PI Nelly Bencomo, from Durham University, Louise Amoore (Co-I), from Durham University, Prof Dorothy Monekosso (More Life UK Ltd), Gavin Vaughan (Digital Catapult NETV), Dr Andy Darby (PDRA),
iDecide: Quantifying Uncertainty in Models using Artificial Intelligence for Personalised and Shared Decision-Making in Digital Health. (Jun- Aug 2023). People: Dr Nelly Bencomo (PI), Dr Huma Samin (Co-PI), Prof Dorothy Monekosso (Co-PI), Dylan Walton (RA)
ALTS: : AI-enabled Legal Technologies and their Consequences on Society (Sept- July 2023). People: PI Nelly Bencomo, William Lucy (Co-I), Mariann Hardey(co-PI) from Durham University, Dr Pauline McBride- Researcher in law in Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law (COHUBICOL). She is also a Scottish solicitor.

Past Projects:
ReqModAI Requirements Models for Artificial Intelligence: Framework and Casestudy (Jul- Nov 2022). People: Nelly Bencomo (PI), Huma Samin (PDRA)


Prof David Budgen

Emeritus Professor Durham University

Prof Alistair Sutcliff

Research Associate (RA) Durham University
I collaborate in research projects at SE@Durham University.

Dr Huma Samin

Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) Durham University
Research Associate working for the EPSRC Research Project Twenty20Insight EPSRC Twenty20Insight (2020-2024) (EPSRC link :

Marc North

Phd Student Durham University
I am a PhD student at Durham under the supervision of Nelly Bencomo and Amir Atapour-Abarghouei.

Software Engineering at Durham University (SE@Durham)

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