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Software Engineering


Software Engineering at Durham University ([email protected])

Welcome to the Software Engineering (SE) research team at AIHS at Durham. Our leading-edge research in SE focuses on SE for AI-based systems, Self-adaptive and Autonomous systems, decision-making under uncertainty, model-driven engineering (MDE), requirements engineering (RE) and Evidence-Based Software Engineering.

Research Projects

– EPSRC Twenty20Insight (2020-2024) (EPSRC link)

– ReqModAI Requirements Models for Artificial Intelligence : Framework and Casestudy (Jul- Nov 2022)


Prof Pete Sawyer

Academic Visitor, Durham University. Emeritus Professor, Aston University. Durham University
Academic Visitor at CS Dept, Durham University

Prof Alistair Sutcliff

Emeritus Professor at Manchester University Manchester University
I collaborate in research projects at [email protected] University.

Dr Huma Samin

Research Associate Durham University
Research Associate working for the EPSRC Research Project Twenty20Insight EPSRC Twenty20Insight (2020-2024) (EPSRC link :

Dr Andy Darby

I collaborate in research projects at [email protected] University where I was a researher in 2021-22.

Software Engineering at Durham University ([email protected])

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