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Software Engineering


Software Engineering at Durham University (SE@Durham)

Welcome to the Software Engineering (SE) research team at AIHS at Durham. Our leading-edge research in SE focuses on SE for AI-based systems, Self-adaptive and Autonomous systems, decision-making under uncertainty, model-driven engineering (MDE), requirements engineering (RE) and Evidence-Based Software Engineering.

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Research Highlights


ALTS: AI-enabled Legal Technologies and their Consequences on Society

PI Nelly Bencomo

The ALTS project aims to bring together experts in Law, AI-enabled legal technologies, Computer Science, Design Thinking and others to create an interdisciplinary collaboration to provide a platform for exploring and testing a range of approaches for assessing the impact of AI in the law. The project seeks to enable conversations about delivering human-centred techniques and tools to help stakeholders explore the horizons of possibilities and define an envelope of acceptability for AI-based software responsibility focusing on legal aspects.  A series of activities are planned to include two IAS seminars, creating a consortium for an ambitious interdisciplinary project, and designing an inter-department teaching module on AI-enabled legal technologies.

The project is partially supported by the Institute of Advance Studies and the EPSRC project Twenty2020Insight

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Keynote at German Conference Modellierung 2024

Dr Nelly Bencomo has been invited to give a keynote at “Modellierung 2024”, the bi-annual conference of the German modelling community. The conference will be held in Potsdam (near Berlin) in March 2024.

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Keynote at workshop MDE Intelligence at the MODELS conference

Marc North, PhD student at AIHS under the supervision of Nelly Bencomo and Amir Atapour-Abarghouei delivered the keynote at the workshop at the workshop MDE Intelligence at the MODELS conference in Vasteras, Sweden on 2nd October 2023


“Enhancing LLM Code Generation with domain-specific UML models: Real-world examples from industry”

Marc is a PhD student at Durham and works at MethodGrid.

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