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Software Engineering


Software Engineering at Durham University (SE@Durham)

Welcome to the Software Engineering (SE) research team at AIHS at Durham. Our leading-edge research in SE focuses on SE for AI-based systems, Self-adaptive and Autonomous systems, decision-making under uncertainty, model-driven engineering (MDE), requirements engineering (RE) and Evidence-Based Software Engineering.

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Prof David Budgen

Emeritus Professor Durham University

Prof Alistair Sutcliff

Research Associate (RA) Durham University
I collaborate in research projects at SE@Durham University.

Dr Huma Samin

Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) Durham University
Research Associate working for the EPSRC Research Project Twenty20Insight EPSRC Twenty20Insight (2020-2024) (EPSRC link :

Marc North

Phd Student Durham University
I am a PhD student at Durham under the supervision of Nelly Bencomo and Amir Atapour-Abarghouei.

Research Activity


ALTS: AI-enabled Legal Technologies and their Consequences on Society

PI Nelly Bencomo

The ALTS project aims to bring together experts in Law, AI-enabled legal technologies, Computer Science, Design Thinking and others to create an interdisciplinary collaboration to provide a platform for exploring and testing a range of approaches for assessing the impact of AI in the law. The project seeks to enable conversations about delivering human-centred techniques and tools to help stakeholders explore the horizons of possibilities and define an envelope of acceptability for AI-based software responsibility focusing on legal aspects.  A series of activities are planned to include two IAS seminars, creating a consortium for an ambitious interdisciplinary project, and designing an inter-department teaching module on AI-enabled legal technologies.

The project is partially supported by the Institute of Advance Studies and the EPSRC project Twenty2020Insight

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EPSRC IAA: weDecide: Clinical Tool for Shared Decision-Making for Treatment of Menopause Symptoms

Nelly Bencomo, Dorothy Monekoso, Huma Samin

10 per cent of women leave the workforce due to menopause, while one in four considers leaving. The weDecide project aims to evaluate a novel technique to support personalised and shared decision-making (PSDM) for menopause treatment that considers not just the criteria of a menopause expert but also that of the woman experiencing the peri-menopausal symptoms. The technique builds on the decision-making AI-based tool developed in the EPSRC project Twenty20Insight, which considers the priorities/preferences of humans. weDecide focuses on assessing the clinical relevance and acceptability of the decisions prompted by the weDecide Tool, and will inform an EPSRC bid.

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Keynote at German Conference Modellierung 2024

Dr Nelly Bencomo has been invited to give a keynote at “Modellierung 2024”, the bi-annual conference of the German modelling community. The conference will be held in Potsdam (near Berlin) in March 2024.

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Keynote at workshop MDE Intelligence at the MODELS conference

Marc North, PhD student at AIHS under the supervision of Nelly Bencomo and Amir Atapour-Abarghouei delivered the keynote at the workshop at the workshop MDE Intelligence at the MODELS conference in Vasteras, Sweden on 2nd October 2023


“Enhancing LLM Code Generation with domain-specific UML models: Real-world examples from industry”

Marc is a PhD student at Durham and works at MethodGrid.

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