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An person is illustrated in a warm, cartoon-like style in green. They are looking up thoughtfully from the bottom left at a large hazard symbol in the middle of the image. The Hazard symbol is a bright orange square tilted 45 degrees, with a black and white illustration of an exclamation mark in the middle where the exclamation mark shape is made up of tiny 1s and 0s like binary code. To the right-hand side of the image a small character made of lines and circles (like nodes and edges on a graph) is standing with its ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ stretched out, and two antenna sticking up. It faces off to the right-hand side of the image.

EquiAI UK Network

The #EquiAI (previously Bias in AI) UK Network led by Professor Sue Black and Dr Shauna Concannon is based in the department of Computer Science at Durham University. It brings together academia, industry and government experts from diverse backgrounds to carry out cutting edge research with the aim of producing practical advice and new methods to reduce bias in the creation and use of AI products and services. Find out about forthcoming EquiAI events and how to get involved.

Who we are

Claire Butterfield

Senior Data Analyst Local Government