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Research Team Socio-technical Systems at Durham

Welcome to the Socio-technical Systems research team at AIHS at Durham.

Our leading-edge research in SE focuses on SE for AI-based systems, Self-adaptive and Autonomous systems, decision-making under uncertainty, model-driven engineering (MDE), requirements engineering (RE) and Evidence-Based Software Engineering.

Our research informs the design of systems that involve communities of people and technology.

Dr Nelly Bencomo. CS Department, Durham University. Pi of teh EPSRC Project Twenty20Insight.

Prof Louise Amoore, Geography Department, Durham University, Louise is the PI of Algorithmic Societies.

Prof Mariann (Maz) Hardey, Business and Computing Department, Durham University. Mariann holds a PhD. in Sociology

Current and Recent Projects:

– EPSRC Research Twenty20Insight (EPSRC link) (2020-2024) Principal Investigator, £892,384 (total Value to Aston and then Durham £586,520) website Twenty20Insight

ALTS: AI-enabled Legal Technologies and their Consequences on Society (PI N Bencomo, Co-PIs Prof W Lucy and Prof M Hardey)(2023-24). Partially funded by the Institute of Advance Studies and the EPSRC.

iDecide: Quantifying Uncertainty in Models using Artificial Intelligence for Personalised and Shared Decision-Making in Digital Health. (PI N Bencomo, Co-PI Prof D Monekoso) (Jun- Aug 2023)

ERiMA: Envisioning Risk Models for Assessment of AI-based applications (Sept-Nov 2023)

ReqModAI Requirements Models for Artificial Intelligence: Framework and Casestudy (Jul- Nov 2022)

– Research Fellowship by Leverhulme Trust “QuantUn: Quantification of Uncertainty using Bayesian Surprises” (2019-2020)